Our Story

Brett and I met while working for a Christian summer camp together during our late college years. After two years of dating, we got engaged and began the process of wedding planning. As the planning progressed and the little details came together, we kept asking ourselves the question "What do we want this day to portray?" As believers, we both knew that we wanted to proclaim the gospel in some way, but we didn't quite have a grasp on how we wanted that to play out. Throughout our engagement, we spent a lot of time praying, studying Scripture together, and talking through what we were learning. It was then that we read about the act of covenant cutting.

Throughout the Old Testament, when two people wanted to establish a covenantal agreement, they would select an item, whether that was a cherished heirloom or (more likely) an animal sacrifice, cut it in half, and walk through the pieces. This display symbolized their commitment to one another and their willingness to fulfill the covenant to the other no matter what. 

Ah- this was it! This was the symbol we wanted to portray on our wedding day. This was how we wanted to display our never-ending commitment to one another, by cutting a covenant. Even after our big day, the idea and the power of covenant cutting has stayed with us. Over the course of our marriage, not only have we grown as a couple through our covenant, but also we have felt a desire to establish and model genuine covenantal, sacrificial, and committed relationships with the people around us. 

Out of this, we decided to create and start up Cutting Covenants.


Faith Windsor
Founder and Co-Owner

Turning Our Vision

Into Reality

Cutting Covenants' vision is very simple:  to display the gospel in our business and with others through building relationships and serving those around us.  Our clients experience warm and welcoming environments that foster peace, joy, and comfort in their relationships with others. 

What Sets Us Apart

We understand better than anyone the need to create a warm and welcoming environment, whether that be a major life event or an everyday home, on a very limited budget.  Because of this, we pride ourselves in serving our community and the people around us.  Our services are affordable, budget-friendly, and meant to engage and satisfy the needs of our friends, families, and neighbors.  

Brett Windsor
Founder & Co-Owner

163 Dorset Drive

Columbia, SC 29210

Phone: 803-416-3104


Established August 6th, 2016

Created to live and display the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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